The Big Tourney: 2019 NCAA Bracket Manager Software
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Are You Ready To Start Your Madness

It Starts With The Setup...

We make it easy. Fill in your Contest Name, the Cost of Entry, Password, and Each Round Point Values. Thats it, you are done. However, if you want more, we got more. Scroll down and you can customize the screens with your text/commentary. Add your own images and logos. There is so much more, if you want it.

Setup Your Madness Contest


We make your site look clean and professional, and a splash page is a great compliment to making the site yours. Use our default bracket image or put your own here.

No Logins or Registrations..

A lot of our competitors want you to login or register on their site. They do this so they can collect data on you and then sell to other companies. We don't do that. Your entrants' info are safe here. We provide a quick entry form and then on to the brackets.

Start Your Madness Contest Now!

Point and Click...

We provide the fastest and cleanest interface for your bracket picks. No dropdown menus, just click on a team name, and they are advanced to the next round. We break our screens down into regions which makes entering on small devices much less confusing.

Leaderboard With Options

Starting with our LIVE NCAA scores ticker, we keep up with the games as they are happening. We also include an optional chat board for entry banter, your admin text if you wish, and even spaces for an image or two. And of course, the Leaderboard. You can look at the results in many different ways: By Region, By Round, By Remain, By Underdogs and even project possible points.

Start Your Madness Contest Now!

Only Site With a Full Scoreboard

Keep tabs on your bracket as well as keeping tabs on the tournament. No need to go back and forth between sites, everything is here.

Make Some Changes?...

Entrants can come back later to make edits to their picks (if of course, its before the tipoff deadline). Sometimes you just cant think through all 64 the first time and need to review and correct. We make it simple.

Start Your Madness Contest Now!

We Would Love To Hear From You
Feel free to contact us on social network or send us an email with any questions or comments you have.


How About A Features List Second to None:


  Features Include:
        - Point/Click Bracket Entry
        - Sizes itself to work great on all devices: phones, tablets and computers
        - Automated Results Calculation
        - Versatile Scoring Options
        - Live Games ticker
        - Email Round by Round or Daily Updates
        - Brand the site to your organization/business (Commercial)
        - Customize Banners/Text (Individual Only)
        - No Banner Ads or Registrations (or SPAMMING emails)
        - Printable Brackets/Entries
        - Editable Picks
        - Playin Games are counted as one entry in the 64, allowing a bigger window for tourney entry!
        - Track Monies Paid (Individual Only)
        - Only you collect data from your league entrants.
        - Multiple Result Options:
              - Region Report
              - Round Report
              - Underdog Report
              - Teams Left Report
              - NCAA Results
              - Choice Compilations

        - And introducing this year: A SWEET SIXTEEN contest included for FREE. Same rules as your full blown 64. But after the first weekend of play, your contest entrants can re-up their interest in the Sweet Sixteen Contest and enjoy another opportunity to win!

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